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Azienda Agricola Luciano & Marino

Organic Chestnut Honey - 250g

Organic Chestnut Honey - 250g

🐝 🇮🇹 Made in Tuscany (Italy)

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It is excellent in herbal teas and its aroma goes well with the preparation of autumn dishes and with medium-aged cheeses, on fresh ricotta, in the preparation of ice cream, on fruit. Also widely used in cosmetics, on the face and hair, thanks to its emollient properties.

Chestnut honey is certainly one of the honeys with the most decisive and particular taste.

It is produced from the nectar of the flowers of the chestnut tree and has a dark color with reddish reflections. It has an intense aroma and a decisive flavour, tending towards bitterish. Our chestnut honey is harvested in the months of June and July, on the Tuscan Apennines and in the Garfagnana. Its disinfectant and antioxidant properties have been known since ancient times.

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